• Kočevski grad - TravelAR Slovenia

    Kočevje castle revived by TravelAR Slovenia

    In the course of workshops the destroyed Kočevje Castle was reconstructed with the help of augmented reality.

  • Epson new AR glasses showcasing TravelAR app

    Amsterdam, from 6th to 9th February 2018 Epson MOVERIO AR glasses will use TravelAR Slovenia app to showcase AR use for cultural heritage at ISE 2018.

  • Ready for AR glasses, tablets and phones

    Interactive exploration of the lost cultural heritage on your phone or tablet. Special experience with the use of AR glasses (augmented reality).

Launch of TravelAR Slovenia in Črnomelj

At the beginnig of March 2018 the TravelAR Slovenia for the town of Črnomelj was launched. Check out also the photo gallery from the launch.


201803 travelar slovenia crnomelj launch 023

201803 travelar slovenia crnomelj launch 025

201803 travelar slovenia crnomelj launch 010

201803 travelar slovenia crnomelj launch 028

Become the next AR destination

Municipalities - involve local people to bring back to life your lost cultural heritage via the proces of 3D and AR education.

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